Find a Benefit Plan

This page helps you to find a benefit Plan for 2021 that best fits with you and your family's financial and healthcare needs. You must select a Plan in your application to join Bankmed and will have a further opportunity to select a Plan on 1 January each year.

Terms of Use

Access to this tool is subject to the terms set out below and members are required to confirm their acceptance of these terms by clicking on the ‘I Accept’ button below before they will be authorised to use the tool.

This tool was developed to assist members of Bankmed to better understand their benefits and how to select a Plan that best meets their needs. The information shown in this tool is for general information purposes only and is not meant to replace the advice from an approved financial advisor. The information and ratings provided by this tool should be considered in conjunction with the other materials pertaining to Bankmed provided to members.

The benefit ratings shown in this tool are based on an assumed annual claims pattern for the member and the benefit coverage provided by each benefit Plan for this assumed claims pattern. The highest (five star) rating is for those benefits where there is no, or very little, likelihood out of pocket expenditure for the member.

The overall Plan ranking is derived from a combination of the benefit rating, the monthly contributions and any unused medical savings derived from the assumed claims pattern. Different weightings are used for the cost (contribution and unused savings) and benefit aspects of the scoring. The weightings do vary according to the income bands input by the user, with the lower income bands having more weight given to cost than the higher income bands.

The benefit and overall Plan ranking should always be considered in the context of the assumed annual claiming patterns. So if actual claims experience differs from the assumed claims pattern, it is possible that another benefit Plan might be more suitable. Bankmed cannot give any guarantee as to the suitability of any Plan ratings generated by the tool for any individual member.

Whilst reasonable care has been taken to gauge the reliability of the information contained in this tool, Bankmed does not give any guarantees as to its accuracy or completeness. Any suspected errors should be reported to